Cuddalore  Ungal  Agarwal  sweets  is  known  for  its  popularity  among  it’s  customers  in  and  around  Cuddalore  and  Puducherry. This  commercial  enterprise  established   in  the  year  1978  and  ever  since  has  been  continually  striving  to  provide  excellent  and  traditional   Sweets to  our  customers, We  have  varied  spectrum  and  many  more  Indian  traditional  sweets  and  savories  encompassing  with  love  and  care.

We  owe  this  success  to  our  relentless  drive  to  provide  high  quality  and  freshly  baked  cakes, breads, donuts, croissants, cupcakes, biscuit  varieties  to  our  stake  holders  throughout  the  day  in  and  around  south  India.  Yet  another  unique  feature  of  Agarwal  is  it’s  continuous  effort  taken  to  maintain  cleanliness  and  high  quality  our  products. 

Our Pledge to customers: Pure ghee ! No preservatives !! No reused oil !!!

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For all orders above ₹999


+91 44 4223 5566 (8AM-9PM)

Quality Assured

Our Quality is of International standards.

Tastes like Home!

Our chefs prepare the food with love and care just like homemade snacks. Sweet and snacks tastes exclusively like South/North Indian respective to there origin.

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