Title and risk of loss for all products ordered by you shall pass on to you upon Cuddalore Ungal Agarwal Food Products Private Limited’s shipment. Thereafter Cuddalore Ungal Agarwal Food Products Private Limited will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the product.

If recipient receives the products in damaged condition

  1. Recipient should check the products delivered (cakes, flowers, any other) before signing the receipt.
  2. If product delivered found damaged, recipient should refuse to accept it and immediately inform Customer Care.
  3. Any issues with the products delivered should be reported within 4 hours of receipt, after that no request of replacement or refund will be entertained.
  4. In case of badly damaged products, replacement will be provided. Kindly allow a minimum of 6 hours for the replacement.
  5. Courier product complaints should be informed within 48 hours after delivery. Complaints coming after 48 hours will not be undertaken.

Minimalistic and cosmetic damages like –

  1. Name/ message on cake not written.
  2. Name and message not attached with flowers.
  3. Cream of cake / decoration on cake / flowers packaging issues – will not be eligible for refunds/replacements until unless they are severely damaged.



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